Wildcat II

Stable shots anytime, anywhere

WildCat is a mini stabiliser designed for both amateurs and professionals who need an ultra-portable stabiliser solution. Its light carbon fibre body weighting just over 500 grams and its compact structure (65mmx60mmx270mm) make it the perfect companion when you are on the go. The use of imported premium bearings offers silky smooth operation and a great experience. It allows low angle shooting and does not require a vest support system. The size of only a two litre bottle, Wildcat helps you get perfectly stable shots with a crane-like cinematic look.

Unique design and compatibility

Wildcat has a 3-legs structure and, thanks to its small size, can also be used as a tripod. The top structure is commonly used with Manfrotto video heads and the middle handle can easily be adjusted for shooting in every direction. With the unique iFootage locking structure, it is the smallest, fastest, and most exquisite stabiliser to date.

Intricate details and modular system

WildCat's uniqueness stands in its details. Its precise manufacture and colourful design are sure to catch a photographer's eye. The counterweight's antiskid prevents it from falling and the Japanese axes ensure its high quality accurate operation. The WildCat standard counterweight includes three groups: 148g, 47g, and 35g. The counter-balance system is so quick and easy to adjust that it's ready to use in less than a minute. The standard quick release plate makes it easy to mount and dismount. Wildcat II also comes with a memorable locking system, enabling users to get into action within seconds.

Versatile handle

The inspiration for the carbon fibre handle comes from body mechanics. Not only does it adjust the direction but it also supports future upgrades to other accessories. The handle is soft and flexible and it comes with sound absorption and head insulation functions. Thanks to the superior grade bearing, WildCat has three axes which ensure shooting runs smoothly in any direction.

Wildcat II

Carbon fiber/ stainless steel
408g (without counterweights)
450g - 2000g
66mm x 60mm x 270mm
Counterweight A
Counterweight B
Counterweight V

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