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Presented by Andyax Productions

Anders and Eskild always love to talk about cameras. Now they have combined their knowledge and many talents and produced a film which has a storyline based around this very passion. The Camera Hack is a Youtube Sci-Fi short, recorded in Norway and financed through crowdfunding and industry sponsorship.

iFootage are proud to host the short (which is actually 44 mins long!) and were delighted to be able to directly fund the film as well as supply a range of camera support equipment.

Innovative and creative use, by the production team, of the iFootage Shark Slider S1, S1A3 motion module and Wildcat stabiliser ensure that great camera movement is central to this exciting and fast paced movie.

Based on an earlier film, made in 2011 ‘The guy with the invisible gun’, this film develops an initial concept and radically moves it forward, but best I say no more…….

So sit back, reach for the popcorn and enjoy!

Run time: 39.56 mins Colour
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: English, Russian, Italian, Japanese, German, Dutch, Czech, Romanian,
Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish and Turkish (more to come)
Viewing: 18 years and over

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Shark Slider S1

S1A3 Motion Module

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