Introducing Komodo K5 fluid head

We thought we’d give you the ‘heads up’ on the new Komodo camera head from the iFootage team. Weighing in at only 0.76kg, it’s compact and easy to carry. This beautifully crafted and very well balanced fluid head boasts a unique patented high precision bearings system which ensures the ultimate in smoothness of camera movement, where-ever you are.

As with all iFootage support gear, plenty of careful and practical consideration has gone into the design and build of this item. The aircraft grade aluminium alloy ensures both strength and durability in use, whilst the the entire main body is smooth to the touch and protected from corrosion and wear through anodic oxidation treatment. The main body also has an easily accessed integrated bulls eye spirit level allowing you to quickly check those important verticals and horizontals.

Tilt and pan movements are incredibly smooth thanks to iFootage’s patented fluid head design and can be quickly locked off and on. The quick release camera plate attachment and locking system is easy to use and very reassuring as you hear it click your precious camera and lens solidly into place.

We tested the head, on location, with the iFootage Cobra monopods and found the combination sublime. The ease with which we could move the head from one monopod to another using their quick release systems made relocating and setting up an absolute joy.

Overall, this camera head is very much ahead of the game, offering superior build and movement which will certainly pass the test of time.

Ian Wynd
iFootage Content Producer

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