Introducing Cobra 2 series

In February 2017 iFootage announced its new Cobra series of monopods. There are essentially three sizes in total. 120, 180 and 150s

The first is the excellent Cobra C120 and A120, offering carbon fibre or aluminium alloy build options, handling payloads of 10kg and 8kg respectively. They both extend to a generous 120cm, are only 55cm long when packed and weigh a mere 1.25kg or in the case of the A120, 1.35kg.

We tested them out on a product video in London, England and found them to be fast and very easy to deploy, despite the gale force winds we were experiencing at the time. The unique quick release sleeve at the top of the monopod allows for a rapid change of head and at the bottom of the monopod gives you the excellent option of a minipod with three feet for all those low action shots seriously close to the ground, again, with quick release. It literally takes seconds to relocate the camera and head from the top end and attach to the minipod at the bottom. Similarly, the sturdy, single leg of the monopod can be extended with just one hand using the cleverly designed aluminium buckle system.

The monopod comes with three robust and adjustable feet which makes it a very serious rival for its tri-legged relative the tripod ,as it allows it to stand alone (depending on the force of the wind of course). Other benefits include the spring loaded thread adapters incorporated into the build, which dispense with the annoying need to have to carry them with you and the kit’s ability to accommodate your needs. One minute it’s a true monopod resting on its removable rubber foot, the next it’s standing tall on it’s own three feet allowing 360 degree controlled movement via its tension control/lock at its base.

The second in the Cobra Series is the C180 and A180 and like its smaller brother, it’s available in either carbon or aluminium. There isn’t too much to add here except, of course, that it extends by a further generous 60cm, giving you even more height over that crowd!

The third and indeed the jewel in the crown, is the exceptional A150S (S for STRIKE) which takes extending your monopod onto a whole new level with its very own twist release system. One turn and the monopod automatically extends. There is also a very useful set of measurements along the side of the extension pole so that you can make a note of the height or length for future reference. Again there are the benefits of the strength and durability of aluminium, the ease of quick release systems, three adjustable feet and of course, a minipod.

Three is indeed the magic number for the Cobra 2. Three models, a choice of build material and each one providing three further options- monopod, tripod and minipod. Can’t say fairer than that!

Ian Wynd
iFootage Content Producer

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