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Motion X2

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Versatile and adaptable

The Motion X2 allows camera movements on two axis 90° tilt and 360° pan. It’s versatile construction allows the the system to be combined with piece of gear that allows mountable equipment like cranes, dollies and sliders. The system provides steady and automatic movements for time-lapses and shooting while panning as well as panoramas.

Perfect companion for S1A1

Motion X2 was perfectly built to be used with the iFootage S1A1 wireless motion control system. Together with it you can get the automatic mode, track recording for pre-recorded movements, and it opens you to a world of flexibility for your cameras. Also you would get the ability for simple parallax adjustments.

360° panoramas

Motion X2 enables you to easily create beautiful 360° panoramic images, or giving you the ability to shoot videos in any angle . Autopano software is the perfect companion for a videographer that shoots panoramas.

Time lapse and stop motion

Panoramas are not the only thing Motion X2 can do, it can also create time-lapses and stop motion videos. It has an Ease In/Out function and a Preview setting which helps users understand the video effect before shooting therefore increasing their success rate. Stop motion is also made easy with the S1A3.

Built-in quality

Robust and durable it performs flawlessly in extreme environments withstanding even the harshest of conditions. Built with solid aluminium we offer you a sleek and light weight product.

Rotation speed
Location accuracy
Motor Power
Speed regulation
Stepless speed / step speed
Operating voltage
Radio frequency
Induction distance
Optimum Load
Maximum Load

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