Award winning design and manufacture

The Mogopod was specifically designed to increase user mobility and offer quick and easy deployment. In 2014 it was officially recognised for its performance when it won the bronze award in the Digital Camera Grand Prix in Germany. It comprises the main section, 3-legs, a ball head, and a 3/8 adapter.

One of a kind

Mogopod has a 3-leg structure with a ball head so it can be adjusted to the required angle. For full deployment, you just need to open the legs and twist the button to lock it and you are ready to go. You can use any camera as Mogopod fits all types of heads on the market. It can also be used as a crane by installing a lightweight camera for discrete movement.


Paired with the iFootage Cobra Wheels, Mogopod becomes a smooth slider in situations where you need to shoot from ground level. In this instance, it also allows the mounting of microphones and lights which turn it into a portable stabiliser. The handle is covered in foam rubber for a soft feel and increased flexibility and performance. The Mogopod is equipped with a quick retract system and benefits from both heat insulation and sound absorption.


Anodised aluminium
Max load
Max length
Min length

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