Innovation & Transcendence - iFootage 2015NAB Show

From APR 13,2015 to APR 16 2015,one of the most famous exhibitions in the global electronic communication media world-NAB•SHOW was held in the convention center,Las Vegas, U.S.A. . As the world leading photographic equipment manufacturer, iFootage presented the latest innovative ---Wireless Motion Control Head S1A2. This new product adopted 2.4G wireless technique and modular design, featuring with program recording and easy operation. Moreover, It become powerful system after combined with iFootage Shark Slider . S1A2 is the best choice of producing special effects, multi angles shooting and time-lapse shooting. Its compact design demonstrates iFootage's bravery of transcending Itself and breaking tradictional mode,adhering to the mission of creating the most favorable products for photographers.

After experiencing Wireless Motion Control Head S1A2,the clients think it breaks through the limitation of traditional shoot control system. And its modular design allows users to custom build their systemit conveniently.

Except S1A2, iFootage WildBull T1/T3 and MiniCrane M1/M5 appeared at the NAB Show. Many participants were impressed with iFootage products' original design and powerful funtions.

NEWSSHOOTER made a special interview with Mr.Ryan, the R&D director of iFootage.

Ms.Catherine, sales manager , was interviewed by NEWSSHOOTER.

Many invited participants experienced products at the booth, and sang high praise for iFootage products.

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