iFootage at 2015 IBC Show

From Sep 11st to 15th 2015, one of the most influential events in digital cinema worldwide -IBC show was held in RAI Amsterdam Netherlands. A number of iFootage new products ceremoniously appeared in the show, like shining diamonds, which tightly caught lots of attendees’ attention and gained recognition from them due to the unique design.

Mini Crane M7 is one of iFootage’s new products in 2015. It makes of carbon fiber, which is featured with lightweight but its loading capacity is stronger- up to 8kg. Photographers can also adjust the shooting angle synchronously during shooting. Besides, Wild Bull Tripod T7, which under the crane, is also a new item. After operating, many attendees think it will become low-cost high-performance tripod in the market.

Following launching single-axis S1A1 in 2014, iFootage brings out advanced Motion X2, which achieve panorama, time-lapse, stop-motion, matrix shooting and so on.

Combine the iFootage single-axis S1A1 with Motion X2, then the whole system becomes iFootage Motion S1A3, it allows photographer to flexibly choose the rotation angle and adjust the movement speed of each axis to record perfect footage. iFootage Motion S1A3 is the best wireless motion control system of talking show, outdoor filming and so on.

From the launch date to now, iFootage Shark Slider is always our star product, and keeps getting high attention in each show. Attendee who experienced or bought this product always said: super smooth, nice slider.

After a trial of iFootage products, many attendees are very interested to become reseller or distributor of iFootage.

At the IBC show, iFootage attracted many medias to actively make interviews of iFootage products, and the News Shooter specially arranges interview about iFootage Motion S1A3 and Mini Crane. You can watch the video interview at vimeo.com/139315997( iFootage Motion S1A3), vimeo.com/139317020 (iFootage New Mini Crane).

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